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Pure Water Gazette numerical wizard Bea B. Sharper writes number-based prose with  punch. She has her own agenda and the numerical facts to support it.






B. Bea's First Series.  B. Bee's initial series of numerical commentary. 

B. Bee's Second Series. 

Bea Bee's Third Series.

B. Bea's Night Before Christmas. 

B. Bee's World Village. 

B. Bea's great Animal Manure expos

Bee B's AIDS Page.

The 4th of July.  In collaboration with Tiger Tom.

Texas Under the Leadership of Governor G. W. Bush

What's the Big Deal about B. Bea's Boobs by Gazette Managing Editor Hardly Waite. (An article not by but about B. Bee.)

B. Bea on Drugs  (No, she didn't fall off the wagon. This article is about the infamous "War on Drugs.")

Bea B. on World Terrorism. Terse commentary on the Sept. 11, 2000 events.

Bee B. on Aid to Israel.  Why do we give citizens of a wealthy country more per capita aid than we give to our own citizens?

B. Bea's Water Facts Page.

B. Bea's Quiz to Test Your Knowledge of the Middle East

B. B. on Duct Tape

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