Gazette Special Features

This page lists popular features of the Pure Water Gazette, both old and new. It contains items from the paper issue archive as well as the Gazette's Online Newsletter.

Sharper's Index. Popular Gazette columnist Bea Bee Sharper's never-ending numerical wizardry includes all the information Harper's misses. B. Bea has a unique style and a wide range of interests.

The Best and the Worst of Tiger Tom.  Stand clear of the claws. Long-time Gazette columnist Tiger Tom tells it how it should be. 

Gazette's Hero Award. For a change, read the uplifting story of someone who did something wonderful. (We are happy to announce that we've cancelled the parallel series that we called the Gazette's Jerk Award. Jerks are plentiful and boring. Denouncing jerks would keep 81 full-time writers busy. Dropping the jerks gives us more space to devote to heroes. From the list of past Jerk Award winners, we've named Dr. Robert Gallo, the alleged discoverer of the alleged "AIDS virus," as the champion jerk of the last century.)

Gazette Water Article Archive.  Waterlinks.  A Collection of Articles about Water Problems and Water Treatment Issues. This is a new section, so there isn't a lot here yet.

Gazette Opinion Page. Strong opinions on current topics. A short but growing list of articles.

Hardly Waite's Quick Take Page.  The Gazette's Senior Editor cherishes brevity.  Here are some articles that say it quickly and shut up.


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