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Special Animal Manure Issue

Pure Water Gazette columnist B. Bee Sharper Ferrets out the facts that Harper's misses.



by Gene Franks

The Agriculture Committee of the U. S. Senate, directed by chairman Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), performed an extensive study of the state of our nation's manure.  Although the findings of Harkin's committee were called "staggering" by the Associated Press, the story was essentially ignored except for a few page 22 newspaper stories.  Our numbers columnist, Bee Bee Sharper, intrigued by the big numbers that figure into animal manure statistics, decided to turn the committee's findings into a column.  B. Bea's numerical facts are taken from an excellent article on the Harkin findings, Pamela Rice's  "Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Manure," which appeared in the Fall 1999 issue of Vegetarian Voice. Here are B. Bea's findings.


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